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When a qualified health Practitioner meets a Marketer – magic can happen!

Meet Justine and Monique

Justine McDermott


Strong communication has always been a focus in my life. Growing up in a household with four noisy siblings, the only way to be heard was to learn to connect with others.

Today as a Chiropractor and practice owner with 10 years behind me, those values still hold true. Throughout my journey from graduating, to starting my first job in a practice to opening my first and then my fourth practice – I’ve found that the one consistent thread that has helped me along the way is my ability to show my patients, colleagues and employees that I really do give a sh*t!

As a mother, wife, business owner and Chiropractor that sees up to 150 patients per week, I depend on my honesty and integrity to show my patients I have time for them and their needs. This genuine connection keeps my patients coming back, their families joining in and their friends reaching out. I can 100% say this is what has given my practices their success. We are a community, not a clinic.

As a business grows, time shrinks. I needed a way to maintain my hundreds of relationships without having to spend every waking minute doing it. And that’s why we created PepTalkr.

Monique Clark


Over 10 years of deploying marketing strategies for my clients, I’ve seen the good, the bad and the crazy when it comes to marketing budgets and results. But one thing I’ve observed time and time again in every business I’ve worked with – your retained customers are like gold.

They’re the ones who tell their friends and family about you and come back to you regularly. And the best part about these kinds of customers is that they’re much more affordable to maintain than new ones! By keeping our existing patients happy with timely messages, useful information, targeted promotions and friendly check-ins we can extend their value to your business by over 600%.

When I met Justine we both knew right away what we needed to do. This project wasn’t about developing a ‘Marketing’ product. It was and always has been about making people feel good – and we want your patients to feel loved, thought of and connected to your business.

As a practitioner, you understand how important it is to make genuine connections to your patients – that’s what PepTalkr is all about – giving your patients something to talk about, something to return to and a business they can count on to be there for them.

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