The Add-On for Cliniko

Peptalkr is like an employee you can trust to get the job done.

Personalised recalls

Peptalkr can email and/or SMS your patients when it’s time for them to book another appointment. Include a link to book directly online or prompt patients to call.

  • Set up different recalls per appointment type or category
  • Recalls can be personalised to your patient (include their name, the last practitioner they saw and more)
  • Recalls can be set up for cancelled & DNA appointments, as well as lapsed patients.


Paperless intake forms

Go green and save time with paperless intake forms!

New and reactivated patients will receive an SMS and/or email ahead of their appointment with a link to fill in the digital form.

And if they don’t fill it in ahead of time – they can access the link from their phone/tablet while in the clinic.

All data they submit is automagically and instantly synced into Cliniko! No more wasted time typing up patient details.

Appointment follow ups

Make your patients feel like they matter with personalised follow ups by email and/or SMS.

The possibilites to what you can set up are endless. Here are some examples:

  • Ask your patients how they’re feeling.
  • Let them know what to expect after their treatment.
  • Give them some at-home advice to follow.
  • Provide them with further reading to enhance their treatment effectiveness.

Your email/SMS content can be totally customised based on the name of the treatment the patient received, or the the number of treatments they’ve had in that category (e.g Chiropractic) to date!

Pre-appointment notices

Want to give your patients a little more than a reminder ahead of their appointment?

With Peptalkr you can SMS and/or Email patients with preparation instructions, send videos, send links to resources and so much more to ensure they are fully prepared and informed ahead of their appointment so they can get the most out of their time with you (and you with them!).

Gather patient feedback

Feedback is a critical part of operating a successful clinic.

Find out how patients felt after their appointment by asking for anonymous feedback. We’ll set you up with a user-friendly feedback form and email you every time someone fills it in. Or create your own forms on another platform and link them into your automated Email & SMS.

Send Promotional SMS & Emails to any segment of your patient database

Our drag & drop email builder makes it easy to send newsletters, announcements and promotions to your patients. Segment which patients you send this to based on a huge number of parameters including postcode, gender, total number of appointments, primary practitioner seen and more.

Our SMS builder also lets you send one-off blasts which you can filter to patients of a specific practitioner, a certain date range of past or upcoming appointments or the appointment type or category they booked.

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