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Getting your clinic back on track after COVID-19

Jun 16, 2020

by Justine McDermott (Co-Founder – Practitioner – Practice Owner)

COVID-19, wow, what was THAT?

I’ve had so many discussions about the impact of COVID-19 on clinics with my colleagues, and the one common thread is that everything seemed out of our hands, and that still, there is so much unpredictability about what’s to come.

We need to remember what constants we can build upon during these times within our clinics to help them thrive.

These unprecedented times have given us as clinicians and oppurtuinity to connect with others that transcend previous connection with our clients. We can create spaces of authenticity and trust, and become a solid symbol of trust that our patients will not forget. We just need to put our own crap aside in order to nuture this. Heres how im doing it…

My clinics have thrived during these times of uncertaintly, and I want to share the pearls with you;

1. Culture is everything. The tone we set withing our practice, is EVERYTHING.

Patients will either be drawn to a hub of energy or remain distanced to an extent.

We can all recall a day when we havn’t felt so well in the clinic, from a cold or flu, or impending stress unrelated to our clinics. Patients just seem to call one after the other and reschedule, it’s like they somehow know what’s going on.

We can also, all relate, to the days in the clinic where we feel everything is on fire (in a good way!), we feel charged, focused, and super happy. The phone starts ringing, and before we know it, we have bookings filling up every spare space we have in our schedule.

It feels like this is out of our hands, however that could not be further from the truth.

Clarity and focus once we arrive in our clinics is so important. I love the concept of ‘brown bagging’, to mentaly put aside our unrelated concerns.

When im driving to my clinic, I mentally place all my unrelated family stresses in a brown bag and scrunch it up, leaving it in my car. I then proceed to open another bag of all the things I need to focus in within my clinic for that day. Im not ignoring anything, just reorganising my thoughts to fell clearer in clinic.

2. Don’t fear your authenticity.

Shit’s been real lately. We all know it. Don’t hide it. Being genuine in our communication with patients creates a space where they can be genuine with you. We could be the only other person they may share their fears about COVID with. If we are honest, it helps others open up. Times like this will either bring us closer together with those we care for or close us off.

Our recent COVID experience gives us unprecedented opportunity to all relate to one another, let’s use this to build greater trust with our client base, we will all appreciate that connection.

3. Drop the stuff that takes your focus away from those who need it MOST in clinic.

Your patients! We can always let our support staff know they are loved and appreciated, however, right now, more than ever, we need to shower our clients with love and support. No one is superhuman, however. We can’t manage a recall list or pay an invoice in between patient appointments right now. Use any spare time reading up on techniques, or anything else you may need to refresh your practitioner brain. Leave the rest to OTHERS (or Peptalkr).

Drop any administrative and management tasks, do anything to distance yourself from them whilst you are treating patients. People sense when they are not truly being focused on, and this lack of focus right now will really prevent your patients connecting with you.

Book in separate time to chat with staff, manage finances etc, but do not mix treatment time with this. Your patient numbers will be the first thing to be sacrificed trust me.

How does Peptalkr help with this?

Rid you and your staff of the burden of managing every tiny task within your clinic, and let technology automate some of your processes so you can focus doing your job the best you can for your patients.

Use Peptalkr to:

  • Automate SMS & email recalls
    You can choose who gets them, what they say, and when they are sent. Set up different recalls for different treatment categories or types, or even per practitioner so the language used in each recall really reflects what the treating practitioner would say. Create a more personal connection with patients by using language that is genuine. For example:
    ‘Hey Monique, it’s Justine from Back to Balance. I’d really love to book you in for your next appointment now that it’s been 2 weeks since I last saw you. Could you give the clinic a buzz and I’ll hopefully see you soon! 😊”
  • Collect patient feedback after their appointment
    Don’t be afraid to ask about your patients experience. It’s one of the best ways to identify how you can improve (and where you thrive). you can schedule email and/or SMS to go to patients after their appointment and link them to an anonymous survey.
  • Do away with paper patient forms
    You get your very own user-friendly online patient form when you sign up to Peptalkr. Or you can use Cliniko’s online patient forms. Whatever your preference – you can automatically email and/or SMS them to patients ahead of their appointment to save time, paper and encourage a more COVID safe environment.
  • Touch base with patients throughout their treatment journey
    Help your patients to feel remembered throughout their journey with your clinic by scheduling SMS or email to check in on them and send them useful resources. You can schedule them to go to the patient when thyey reach a certain visit # or you can send them based on the treatment type booked.

This is just a handful of examples of how Peptalkr can ultimately improve your patient relations throughout this time. Chat to us at anytime for help figuring out the best communications to put in place in your clinic.

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