The Add-On for Cliniko

From 1c per patient

Our pricing is based on two simple things - the total number of emails you want to be able to send each month, and the number of people in your marketing lists. And you can choose which patients get imported into your marketing list to control costs. Read more about our pricing here.

# of subscribers

Use the slider to calculate plans costs based on the number of subscribers you want to send marketing email to


Prices are in AUD and exclude GST. If you need a larger plan or want to send unlimited emails – contact us for special pricing.

Which plan should I choose?

Start with the lowest plan if you’re not sure – we’ll automatically move you onto the correct plan as you build up your subscriber list.

So my emails/SMS will only send to people in my subscriber list?

Non-marketing emails (transactional) and any kind of SMS will always send whoever you specify from your entire database – it’s only right we do it this way, as these emails are important and shouldn’t be missed by anyone. But your marketing emails will only go to those subscribed in your marketing list. 

Can I control my costs?

Yes! Peptalkr imports the last 250 patients who have had an appointment from Cliniko during your free trial. Once your trial ends you can adjust your active patient limit to 6, 12, 18 or 24 months or ‘All’ patients in your database to keep costs under control. Remember that adding more ‘Lists’ and subscribers will count against your total. More on that here.

Do archived and unsubscribed patients count towards my limit?

Nope. We automatically remove deleted and archived patients. And if someone unsubscribes from a list – we’ll store them in a supression list, but they won’t contribute to your subscriber count.

Can I import unsubscribes from another platform?

You sure can – read more here.

More FAQs

How does Peptalkr work?

Peptalkr connects to Cliniko to enrich the functionality you have. It adds a robust emailing system and SMS builder that connects to your patient database and allows you to segment exactly who receives what and when.

Beyond that, Peptalkr lets patients go paperless - meaning you can say bye bye to printed intake forms and do one for the planet while saving time meticulously typing in information and scanning paperwork.

To find out more about what Peptalkr is capable of, read about our features.

Do I have to have Cliniko?

At this stage - yes. We are looking at expanding to other Practice Management Systems in the near future!

Is Peptalkr like MailChimp?

Yes and no. We offer a more customised solution designed specifically for the healthcare industry, with a deeper integration with Cliniko. You won't need MailChimp once you have Peptalkr.

How do I know Peptalkr will work for me?

There's one way to find out - try it! You get 30 days completely free - and you'll get a 45 minutes phone call with our Founder to answer your questions and get customised support to help you get set up.

Can I send patients newsletters and special offers?

Yes! PepTalkr gives you complete control of your Cliniko database - meaning you can compose your own emails, no matter what they are, and send them to any segment of your patients. Target them by postcode, gender, age, which practitioner they saw, what kind of treatment they had and so much more. Our simple drag and drop builder makes it easy to put together a beautiful email, and our step-by-step SMS builder let's you send one-off blasts in a matter of minutes.

Why do you charge by number of contacts?

SMS cost 10c per credit, so we felt it would not be fair to charge you based on the total number of patients in your database.

So we only count your contacts with email address. Remember you're not limited to emailing just your patients - you can set up more mailing lists - just like Mailchimp - for your Newsletter, leads, professional contacts and more.

Email makes up the majority of our app, so we think it's only fair to charge you based on that.

Simple 🙂

Got any questions?

We're here to answer your questions and help you to choose the best plan for your needs. Speak to a member of our team today or request a free demo.

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